About me

I’m a Canadian 3-time expat (well, maybe two and a half, unintentional references to terrible sitcoms aside). I also work in expat tax, primarily US but I’m giving Irish tax a whirl. Having worked in this field, and lived this life, for a decade, I realised I might have some things to share. 

This is a place to explore the middle ground between full digital nomad (which is a lifestyle that absolutely appeals but isn’t always practical for everyone), and traditional expat life, where a person might be wholly supported by (ahem, reliant on) their employer. I looked around and saw that my friends and I fit neither of those descriptions, but shared elements of both. We might work for companies, large or small, for parts of our lives, but there tends to be an independent, entrepreneurial streak in all of us. We don’t want to be shackled to any one place, be it a geographical location, or a desk.

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula, but that’s the fun. Let’s get out there and create lives that are free, productive, and creative. Let’s figure out how to tackle the practical (ok, ok: boring) stuff that no one likes dealing with, with a bit of verve. Let’s live like grownups and have some damn fun. 

My own journey has taken me from Vancouver, to Seattle, to Johannesburg, to Dublin, and it’s not over yet. Where will your journey lead?