Relocation Consulting

Considering an Expat assignment or other international move?

If you have questions on your compensation package, offer letter, or relocation policy type from your employer, contact me for a consultation call. I’ve worked extensively with a wide variety of policies from a diverse group of companies, and I can help you figure out what it is you’re being offered, and how that will impact your bottom line –  from a holistic perspective, beyond the standard tax consultation you may receive.

If you’d like to discuss your offer before accepting, please contact me. Anything discussed during our consultation will of course remain in the strictest of confidence.

As an outside third party, I can offer you perspective that your company’s HR team, or even their tax service provider, may not be able to provide. Having been on the other side, I know how it works. They are most likely highly qualified professionals, but ultimately they’re working for your employer, not for you directly.

Your time is valuable, and in case you don’t wish to become a global mobility policy expert overnight, let me help you in evaluating the impact of this pivotal career and financial decision! I’ve seen the full range of policies, from the generous to the… more spartan. I can help you understand what it is you’re being offered, and provide insight into the downstream impact to your personal finances as a result.

Get a quote

Contact me today with your specific queries (or perhaps you’re just looking for a general overview/second set of eyes!) and I can provide you with a fee quote. My fees will start at €75/hour.