An ideal day

Since quitting my corporate job to claim back some time, space, energy… life for myself, I’ve been considering what constitutes an ideal day. Historically, I’ve tended to think about time in terms of larger chunks: months, seasons, years. I’d typically have an answer at the ready when asked what I’d like to accomplish or experience in the next few months, or in the next year. But what about in a single day?

Part of living, working, and travelling intentionally means being the authors and architects of our own time. It’s a responsibility I relish. I think some people experience a degree of trepidation at the thought of designing their own schedules and being fully responsible for their own time. I can understand that, but I haven’t felt that way myself. Instead, it’s more like returning to sanity and civility after far too much time spent in the opposite conditions.

So I’ve given a bit of thought as to what an ideal day would include. Obviously not every day incorporates all of these elements, but when many or most of them are present, I consider it a day well spent. Interestingly, if unsurprisingly, none of these are expensive as such, and all can be done from anywhere in the world.

Elements of an ideal day

  • Wake up without an alarm

  • Unhurried breakfast and coffee

  • Write something

  • Read something

  • Create something

  • Learn something

  • Practice yoga

  • Walk and/or do something outdoors

  • Prepare and eat healthy meals from whole ingredients

  • Interact with people I care about

It’s reassuring to observe how simple this list is, and how much of it is entirely possible and within my control most days. I won’t beat myself up on days that don’t contain as many of the ideal elements, but I know I can continually come back to the things that bring me joy and satisfaction, no matter where I am. I suspect many people’s lists are also filled with simple, mindful endeavors. Things that probably don’t cost much money, and are best savoured slowly.

No matter where you are on your journey, I hope you incorporate some of your own personal elements of an ideal day, into your day today. What are some of the elements on your list?

One thought on “An ideal day

  1. Steveark says:

    I’m early retired from a Fortune 500 working some side gigs for meaning but not needing the income. My day has been fun but kind of different. Up at 4:50AM to run five miles with my wife and three other runners in our little running group. Clean up and hit the road to our state capital at 7:30 AM. Drive two hours to get there. Go to Secretary of State’s office to complete my registration in their new electronic lobbyist registration system. Oops, it isn’t working yet, trip wasted but still free due to my side gig’s expense account. Have lunch with side gig partner since I’m already in the capital sign some PAC forms and drive back home. Read blogs for a couple of hours then go to Charity Foundation I chair and interview a guy we flew in who is a candidate to replace our Foundation CEO who is retiring. After the board meets with the guy I and the former chair will take him out somewhere nice to eat and talk further. Then go home around 9 PM, watch an hour of Netflix and then sleep like a kitten. No alarm tomorrow cause it isn’t a run day, but tennis and beer with my best bud cause it is a tennis day!

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